War Games: Genesis of the Biosecurity State

 “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” —Benjamin Franklin

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never.

Nothing will ever return to the “broken” sense of normalcy that prevailed before the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

 —Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset (July 2020)

 “I want to be straight with you:

There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future.”

—Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

World Health Organization Director-General History of Bioweapons.

 The United States began its first large-scale offensive bioweapons research during World War II in the spring of 1943 on orders from President Franklin Roosevelt,

as a collaboration between the US military and its pharmaceutical industry partners.

Pharma titan George W. Merck ran the Pentagon’s offensive bioweapons program while simultaneously directing his drug manufacturing behemoth.

Merck boasted that his team could deliver biowarfare agents without vast expenditures or constructing huge facilities.

Another advantage of bioweapons, he remarked, was that their development could proceed under the guise of legitimate medical research.

The intelligence agencies were involved in the top secret program from the outset.

George Merck’s hands-on employee, Frank Olson, was an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist,

and CIA officer.


1--- He worked for the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories (USBWL) at Fort Detrick with Merck and the US military developing the US bioweapons and psy-warfare arsenal. Project Artichoke was an experimental CIA interrogation program that used psychoactive drugs like LSD in pursuit of “enhanced” interrogation methods. The project was part of a larger CIA program exploring approaches for controlling both individuals and populations. Olson was involved with Project Artichoke with moral misgivings, beginning in May 1952: after watching a documentary on Protestant reformation leader Martin Luther, a conscience-stricken Olson informed his bosses he intended to quit the biowarfare program.

2--- Around the time of that announcement, Olson’s CIA colleague, Sidney Gottlieb, head of the CIA’s MKUltra program, covertly dosed him with LSD. A week later, on November 28, 1953, Olson plunged to his death from a window of New York’s Hotel Statler. The US government first described his death as a suicide, and then as a misadventure. In 1975, the government admitted its guilt in the murder and offered Olson’s family an out-of-court settlement of $1,250,000, later reduced to $750,000, which they accepted with an official apology from President Gerald Ford and then-CIA Director William Colby.

3--- By 1969, the US bioweapons program had developed weapons of a “nuclear equivalence,” according to David Franz, who, for twenty-three years, served as commander of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

4--- The principal limitation, Franz acknowledged, was the difficulty of managing bioweapons as  War Games: Genesis of the Biosecurity State.

5---  But the agreement— a supplement to the Geneva Convention—left thousands of scientists, military contractors, and Pentagon caliphs as stranded assets yearning for the program’s revival. The treaty also included a yawning loophole: it allowed the production of anthrax and other biological warfare agents for vaccine production. The Pentagon and CIA spooks continued to cultivate bioweapon seed stock. Between 1983 and 1988, Searle Pharmaceuticals CEO Donald Rumsfeld, acting as Ronald Reagan’s envoy in Iraq, arranged for the top-secret shipment of tons of chemical and biological armaments, including anthrax and bubonic plague, to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, hoping to reverse his looming defeat by Iran’s million-man army. Ayatollah Khomeini’s victorious Iranian forces were then routing Saddam in their war over the Persian Gulf. The Bush administration feared the impact on global oil supplies if Iran prevailed in that conflict.

6--- The Birth of the Biosecurity Agenda Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1988–1991, the military-industrial complex began rummaging about for a more reliable enemy to permanently justify its hefty share of the GDP. While most Americans eagerly awaited the ballyhooed “peace dividend,” Pentagon mandarins and their emporium of contractors may have considered with dismay that someone else would be spending money that was rightfully theirs. The peace dividend never materialized. Beginning with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and culminating in 9/11, Islamic terrorism replaced the Soviets as the essential adversary in US foreign policy. It may have provided solace to the military and its contractors that “terrorism” was a more reliable long-term foe than the Soviets. Since terrorism is a tactic, not a nation, an imprecisely defined “terrorism” had the allure of an enemy that could never be vanquished. We can imagine the defence contractors’ relief when Vice President Dick Cheney declared the “Long War”

7--- one, he promised, would last for generations—with battlegrounds “scattered in more than 50 nations.”

8--- Military contractors held tight to their gravy train with the mission of building an expensive new arsenal of anti-terror technologies. But terrorism had its own shortfall, namely, the challenge of sustaining public fear sufficient to justify spending substantial portions of GDP to meet a threat that killed fewer Americans annually than lightning strikes.

 By 1999, some farsighted Pentagon planners were already looking ahead to the more exuberant and sustainable prosperity that would come with a war on germs.

Most historians date the nativity of the modern “Biosecurity Agenda” to the October 2001 anthrax attacks.

But years earlier, military and medical industrial complex planners were already conceptualizing biosecurity as a potent strategy for leveraging potential pandemics or bioterrorism into vast funding increases, and as a device for metamorphosing America, the world’s exemplary democracy, into a national security state with global dominance.

9--- Robert Kadlec:

“Let The Games Begin” Bioweapons expert Robert P. Kadlec

 is an American physician and retired

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