July 21st 2022HEALING WEBby Anthony Mongoose
"PLANDEMIC" Depopulation thru - Virus, Vaccines, Geoengineering Dr. Judy Mikovits Dr. David Martin

"PLANDEMIC" Depopulation Plan Exposed through COVID-19 Virus's, Vaccines and Geoengineering Dr. Judy Mikovits Dr. David Martin

Documentary that connects the dots between the media, the medical industry, politics and the financial industry to unmask the shocking conflicts of interests between the key players of the COVID-19 pandemic to depopulate the earth and subdue humanity to economic slavery.

“You can’t believe a single thing they say
about the coronavirus—NOTHING! That
doesn’t mean there’s not a new and deadly
bioweapon out there, because there is.”
— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

The premiere of PLandemic: Indoctornation, featuring white-collar crime investigator, Dr David Martin, set a world record with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream. The series was smeared by critics as “dangerous conspiracy theory.” US media took unprecedented measures to make the masses look the other way.

When Dr. Mikovits made the bold claim that COVID-19 was manipulated in a lab, she was smeared as “crazy”.

When Dr. Martin exposed the patents and paper trail proving that that Dr. Fauci was covertly funding dangerous gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab, critics laughed.
One year later, they were no longer laughing. Through various independent investigations and accredited studies, every major claim made within the Plandemic series has been validated as accurate. The tide is turning. Truth is emerging.
The Plandemic series is now being hailed by many for being first to warn the world of the agenda to reduce the liberties of citizens through medical tyranny.

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I expose the darkness to the light on this website. Don’t let the titles fool you.

I am not promoting or teaching the mystery religions but exposing them so you can understand how the enemy operates.

For thus the Lord says to me, “Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees. (Isaiah 21:6)

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders;
         insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall even deceive the very elect.   Matthew 24:24 – (KJV)


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