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COVID Under Question:

 Introduction to proceedings with Senator Malcolm Roberts





COVID Under Question: Dr Brian Tyson

US Clinician – Author of “Overcoming the COVID Darkness” – currently a US national bestseller

Works on the frontlines in one of the counties hardest hit by COVID in the state of California.

 His clinic has treated 10,000 COVID-19 patients with only 7 deaths Dr Tyson will speak on early treatments and outcomes





COVID Under Question: Dr Peter Mccullough

Dr Peter McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology.

 He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems including heart and kidney disease, lipid disorders, and diabetes.

 He has become an expert on COVID-19 illnesses and welcomes recovered patients into his practice.   
After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University,

Dr McCullough completed his medical degree as an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

He went on to complete his internal medicine residency at the University of Washington and master’s degree in public health at the University of Michigan.
Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster

and published the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2.




COVID Under Question: Dr Kat Lindley

Dr Kat Lindley is a board-certified physician in Brock, Texas in the USA.

 After she fled warn torn Yugoslavia as a young adult, she did her medical school in Florida and became a family physician because she loved the idea of caring for the whole family.

  Kat is involved in health policy on a state and national level in the USA.
As a mother to five children, she is acutely aware of the cost of the pandemic on children and believes this is something we don’t talk about enough.

  Dr Lindley is going to discuss lockdowns and masks, and emerging speech problems in children and dropping IQs. 

Since children recover well from COVID19 and develop natural immunity, Kat challenges the policy to vaccinate children against COVID19.
Dr Lindley is on the Steering Committee of the World Council for Health with Dr Tess Lawrie and is familiar with the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty.










COVID Under Question: Professor Ian Brighthope

Professor Ian Brighthope is a retired medical practitioner with over 40 years of experience.  

He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1974.
Professor Brighthope initiated a prophylactic and treatment protocol titled “The CD Zinc Campaign” to help people improve their health and increase their resistance to COVID19.

 The campaign was taken to the federal government, unions, public, media and business,

 however, there was no recognition given to the protocols by the government or mainstream medical profession.

 Practitioners of nutritional and integrative medicine were supportive in the early days of the campaign.
Professor Brighthope has acted as an advocate of doctors practising Complementary Medicine for over 35 years.

 He’s the founder of Entoura, an Australian medical cannabis manufacturer and educational company.
He is the author of 5 books and many scientific and medical lectures and reviews.

 His lifelong ambition is to change the way medicine and healthcare are practiced for the benefit of the public.





COVID Under Question: Dr Phillip Altman

Dr Phillip Altman has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), a Bachelor and Masters of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy.

 He works as a clinical trial and regulatory affairs pharmaceutical industry consultant with more than 40 years of experience in designing, managing and reporting clinical trials.

  Dr Altman has dealt extensively with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration throughout his career.
Dr Altman has worked for, and consulted to, most of the international pharmaceutical represented in Australia.  

He was fundamental in the establishment of the Australian Regulatory and Clinical Scientists Association (ARCS),

 which is a peak educational forum for more than 2000 clinical and regulatory scientists working within the Australian pharmaceutical industry. 

He has Life Membership of this Association. 






COVID Under Question: Alexandra Marshall







COVID Under Question: Dr Tess Lawrie

Dr Tess Lawrie is a Medical doctor and research consultant based in the United Kingdom,

 CEO of Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy (E-BMC Ltd) and EbMC Squared, founding member of the BIRD Group,

 a member of the World Council for Health, a leader for The Unity Project and is a world-renowned expert in health research.




COVID Under Question: Dr Pierre Kory

Dr Kory is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialist, former Associate Professor, Chief of the Critical Care Service,

 and ICU Medical Director at the University of Wisconsin.

He is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of critical care ultrasonography

 and senior editor of an award-winning textbook now in its 2nd edition, translated into 7 languages.




COVID Under Question: Dr Robert Brennan

Dr Robert Brennan has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and a medical degree.

He has taught anatomy and several other biomedical sciences for about a decade, before attending medical school and a developing a career in psychiatry.

Recognising that government response to the pandemic was anti-science, anti-reality and anti-humane, he joined the Covid Medical Network and the Red Union group.
Dr Brennan has been outspoken in claiming that lockdowns are more harmful than helpful, and campaigned against mandating the COVID vaccine.

As a consequence of this stance, he has since lost his registration to practice medicine and been deemed a “danger to public health and safety” by the regulator.

Dr Brennan now hosts a weekly program on TNT radio live.




COVID Under Question: Dr Andrew McIntyre

Dr Andrew McIntrye is a semi-rural physician who had his own day surgery and followed the COVID19 science closely.

 In December 2021 he lost his job as a consultant gastroenterologist on the Sunshine Coast due to Queensland Health vaccination mandates.

He is trained in the evaluation of new treatments and is critical of the campaign of fear and censorship

 and that the debate around how to best respond medically to COVID19 has been quashed.




COVID Under Question: Robbie Barwick

Research Director for Australian Citizens Party,

 with more than 20 years of experience in researching Australia’s economy and leading campaigns for economic policy solutions.




COVID Under Question: Mr Steve Barnes


Paramedic and small business owner who provides medic services at large events such as music festivals and concerts.

 His business has been decimated because of the mandates and he argues that many events are now less safe because medical staff are now even harder to find.





COVID Under Question: Ms Anne Nalder

Anne Nalder has a passion for small business and this led to her founding the Small Business Association in 2010. 

She is the current CEO and her objectives for the Association is to be a real voice of small business,

 minimise the rate of failure in small businesses and promote the world’s best small business practice.
Anne’s love for event management was realised in the 10 years she was employed by Qantas and was inspired to build her own event management business,

 which has been operating since 1991.

She has previously worked with the Women’s Royal Australian Air Force (WRAAF) and on-air for Channels 6 and 7 in north Queensland.






COVID Under Question: Mr Dan Mcdonald

Dan McDonald is a career firefighter of 18 years. It is the profession he has aspired to since he was a small boy.

He currently holds the Station Officer position for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

In his late forties Dan is the proud father of 3 adorable children.

 Dan believes that integrity and courage are the grounding of a person in a work environment and also forms the essence of a person’s character.

 He is dedicated to seeing things done correctly and that fairness is applied to all areas of a person’s working and social realmS



COVID Under Question: Leanne Kellner


Leanne has had to deal with vaccine injuries in her family.




COVID Under Question: Ingi Doyle

Ingi was a super fit, health triathlete, personal trainer who developed complications after receiving the vaccine

 that has completely changed the course of her life.





COVID Under Question: Tammy Cummington

Tammy suffered a heart attack and developed myocarditis.

 She says she is one of the lucky few who were able to have the condition recognised as vaccine-linked, many of her friends were not so lucky

COVID Under Question: Raelene Gotze


Raelene Gotze’s daughter died after receiving a vaccine mandated by her workplace.





COVID Under Question: Clint Cherry

Vaccine injured –

A healthy man who developed myocarditis after vaccine





COVID Under Question: Mr Julian Gillespie

Mr Julian Gillespie is a retired lawyer and former barrister who has come out of retirement to fight the legal battle against the COVID vaccination.

 He believes that the Australian people have not been given accurate information around COVID deaths and deaths from the COVID vaccinations.
He is currently managing proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia related to “Australian Vaccination-Risks Network Incorporated v. Secretary, Department of Health.





COVID Under Question: Professor David Flint

Professor David Flint AM is an Emeritus Professor of Law.

  He read law and economics at the Universities of Sydney, London and Paris.

 After admission as a Solicitor of the NSW Supreme Court in 1962, he practised as a solicitor (1962-72) before moving into university teaching,

 holding several academic posts before becoming Professor of Law at Sydney University of Technology in 1989.
Professor Flint is the author of numerous publications.

 His publications include books and articles on topics such as the media, international economic law, Australia’s constitution and on Australia’s 1999 constitutional referendum.

 He was recognised with the award of World Outstanding Legal Scholar, World Jurists Association, Barcelona, in October 1991.
He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1995.























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