December 28th 2021AUTHORITARIAN CENSORSHIPby Anthony Mongoose

Justinian Deception MESSAGE

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I was banned from Youtube for two weeks for this link:


Here is the other banned video:


It appears that the Justinian Deception channel is now under threat and down to its last warning.





TREASURY-ISLAND What Includes Australia


If I publish content that Youtube and Google do not agree with, I have been notified that the Justinian Deception channel will be deleted for good, according to Youtube. I did request the reasons for the last video: "AGENDA-666" to be shut down, there was no violation of the youtube rules apart from the fact that it was not considered as acceptable content for the Youtube community, even though I publish in political and non-commercial scope.

I love Youtube and its platform but sadly it is becoming politically weighted to what I assume to be a dangerous political stand in relation to the silencing of researched opposition to the mainstream agenda of today.

I hope for Youtube's sake, the benefactors of the Youtube and Google platforms see the danger in what they are doing in relation to freedom of speech and remain a platform for all speech.

- Romley Stewart